Why patriarchy?

The Bible says, Eve was created from a rib of Adam. In Eden, they lived the happiest life, until one day, Eve ate the forbidden fruit and gave some of it to Adam. She was the cause for the fall of Man, causing them to be banished by God from the garden of Eden. The fruit took away their innocence and enabled them to conjure negative concepts like shame and evil.

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The History Of The Sexes – Part 3 : The Present

Aruna Asaf Ali was one the younger generation of freedom fighters who entered the fray in the 1920s, becoming a member of the Congress after marrying Asaf Ali, a member himself. She is remembered for hosting the Indian National Flag in Bombay during the Quit India movement. Post-Independence, she became the first Mayor of Delhi and was awarded the Padma Bhushan and the Bharat Ratna. In an interview, she has said that, like Dr.Ambedkar pushing for the rights of his community, women too should have made sure that they had proper representation in the national decision-making. We all joined the movement initially, not so much for ideological reasons, but for the our love for our husbands, sons or brothers. Men decided the next course of action and we followed them like lambs, no questions asked. We loved and trusted them so much that we forgot to push for gender equality. We should have. Continue reading “The History Of The Sexes – Part 3 : The Present”

The History of the Sexes in India (Part-1)

Indian culture has always had a revered place for the female and the feminine. The Goddess Parvathi is considered the mother of all creation, sometimes elevated above even the great Trinity, Brahma, Vishnu and Eshwara. She represents all that feminism is; a ferocious destroyer of demons, a loving mother, a beautiful, devout wife and a wise and strong lady. But, we have always been a land of paradoxes. So what was the reality of the status of women in Indian society? Continue reading “The History of the Sexes in India (Part-1)”