War And Human Nature

The Russia-Ukraine conflict is raging and the we seem to be at the cusp of a changing world; one where dog-eats-dog, heading towards a bleaker, conflict-ridden future. Humans have progressed exponentially in science and technology. Custom-made babies, machines which can think, drugs which can cure cancer – all these were science fiction just a few decades ago. Why, then, are humans unable to make equal progress when it comes to establishing peace and security? Why has war been a recurrent phenomenon throughout human history? Continue reading “War And Human Nature”

Capitalism and sustainable development : an oxymoron?

SpaceX, an enterprise of U.S capitalist, Elon Musk, plans to launch a constellation of 12,000 satellites into space, called Starlink, to provide internet connectivity in an unprecedented way. Space travel and a holiday on the Moon are some of the other ventures that the company wants to embark upon in the near future.

Starlink satellites in the night sky

Continue reading “Capitalism and sustainable development : an oxymoron?”