Why is India so corrupt? (Part 2)

The Corruption Perception Index by Transparency International has revealed that India has the highest rate of bribery in entire Asia.  What are reasons unique to India that make it on of the most corrupt big economies in the world? Continue reading “Why is India so corrupt? (Part 2)”

Why is India so corrupt? (Part-1)

We see it everywhere around us. From the traffic police letting off drunk drivers for a bribe to the minister awarding contracts to his relative’s private company. Most of us have been victims of or participants in corruption too. According to Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index, India ranks at 80th place out of 180 nations, lower than Asia-Pacific’s average. Corruption is pulling down India’s GDP growth rate as well as socio-economic development significantly. Despite efforts and public pressure to remove it, it persists like a cancer eating away at our country. So, why is India so corrupt?
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