Capitalism and sustainable development : an oxymoron?

SpaceX, an enterprise of U.S capitalist, Elon Musk, plans to launch a constellation of 12,000 satellites into space, called Starlink, to provide internet connectivity in an unprecedented way. Space travel and a holiday on the Moon are some of the other ventures that the company wants to embark upon in the near future.

Starlink satellites in the night sky

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Can India be called a developed country?

The 21st century is pegged to be the Asian century; India and China are expected to be at the helm of it, as the next superpowers. The United States of America under its president Donald Trump is protesting against India’s self-declared status as a developing country at the World Trade Organization. It has also stripped India of certain trade benefits, which the U.S.A makes available to developing countries (under the Generalized System of Preferences). India is a part of G20, a grouping of countries having great influence on world affairs. India has recently overtaken France to be the 5th largest economy in the world. India seems to be steadily marching towards being a global leader in the coming years. But is there another side to India’s growth story? Continue reading “Can India be called a developed country?”

Does the geography and climate of the place you live in, influence the type of person you are?

Why were the British able to establish a vast imperial empire where the sun never set? Why is the Middle East so conflict-ridden? Why were the Kazakhs able to resist modernization and the communist ideology forced upon them by Soviet Russia? Why didn’t the people of South Asia show any interest in foreign conquest for a 1000 years?
Without exception, all the major ancient civilizations have developed and flourished on the banks of rivers; the Indus Valley Civilization on the banks of river Indus, the Mesopotamian civilization on the banks of rivers Tigris and Euphrates, the Ancient Egyptian Civilization on the banks of river Nile and the ancient Chinese civilization on the banks of the Yellow river. Continue reading “Does the geography and climate of the place you live in, influence the type of person you are?”