Alternative Systems of Medicine in India (Part 2)

Until the 200os, AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, Homeopathy) was only privately practiced, with little encouragement or regulation. This changed when the government, through the National Health Mission, made attempts to mainstream AYUSH. Separate allocations were made, teaching and certifying institutes were started. Over-the-counter Ayurvedic medications for simple ailments became popular in urban areas, so much so that, even instant noodles sold better with the ‘herbal’ tag. Continue reading “Alternative Systems of Medicine in India (Part 2)”

Violence Against Doctors In India

We have heard of several incidents of relatives or friends of patients beating up doctors and frequent protests by doctors demanding better security measures. This leads to disruption of healthcare for patients, who the perpetrators sought to help, as well as growing resentment and mistrust between doctors and the public. Why is this occurring? Is it because doctors in India are incompetent, indifferent or corrupt? Or is it the result of the broken healthcare system in our country? Continue reading “Violence Against Doctors In India”

Antibiotic misuse in India and role of patients

India has one of the highest burden of infectious diseases globally and antibiotic misuse is rampant in India. Covid-19 pandemic¬† saw sky-rocketing sales of antimicrobials. Several thousand deaths, especially of infants, is the result of antimicrobial resistance. Not only humans, but animals also die of AMR due to illegal use in veterinary sector. Poor effluent treatment by pharmaceutical manufacturers and biomedical waste mismanagement has contaminated water bodies. Continue reading “Antibiotic misuse in India and role of patients”