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Can India be called a developed country?

The 21st century is pegged to be the Asian century; India and China are expected to be at the helm of it, as the next superpowers. The United States of America under its president Donald Trump is protesting against India’s self-declared status as a developing country at the World Trade Organization. It has also stripped India of certain trade benefits, which the U.S.A makes available to developing countries (under the Generalized System of Preferences). India is a part of G20, a grouping of countries having great influence on world affairs. India has recently overtaken France to be the 5th largest economy in the world. India seems to be steadily marching towards being a global leader in the coming years. But is there another side to India’s growth story? Continue reading “Can India be called a developed country?”

Was India ahead of the West in practicing democratic values?

The word ‘democracy’ is derived from the Greek word ‘demokratia’ meaning rule by the people. Democracy took birth in the city-state of Athens in ancient Greece, around 460 BC, Cleisthenes being considered the father of democracy. This form of government existed along with others such as, monarchy, oligarchy and tyranny. In contemporary India, the democratic form of government or more specifically, republics were already in existence for few centuries. In India, the advent of Aryans occurred around 1500 B.C, marking the beginning of the Vedic Age. Soon, they began settled agriculture and kingdoms called tribal republics called ‘Janapadas’ rose to prominence. Continue reading “Was India ahead of the West in practicing democratic values?”

Should India have adopted communism?

During the recent coronavirus outbreak, China realized that it needs more infrastructure to deal with the increasing number of people affected. She managed to construct two hospitals (out of prefabricated buildings – constructing one from scratch is probably possible only around Hogwarts :p) and make them functional within 10 days. In contrast, the World Bank has labeled India’s Santa Cruz- Chembur link road in Mumbai as ‘the world’s most delayed road project’.

What do many of us Indians have to say about it? ‘China is a communist country, bro. The government can even stop people from having more than one kid, haha. We should have had this in India too.’ Continue reading “Should India have adopted communism?”