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Covid-19 and health insurance (Part-2)

The Covid-19 pandemic was devastating, not only in terms of loss of lives, but also in terms of loss of livelihoods for hundreds of families. The rural, informal sector, poor and marginalized faced the double whammy of income insecurity and high cost of treatment. India’s GDP spending on health is woefully inadequate, around 1.35%. Much of this spending in on the Pradhan Mantri-Ayushman Bharat Yojana, the government’s flagship health insurance scheme, introduced with the aim of providing affordable and quality healthcare to India’s poor. Did it fulfill its mission during the pandemic? Continue reading “Covid-19 and health insurance (Part-2)”

Covid-19 and health insurance

Covid-19 came much like a tsunami- three unexpected giant waves which swept many people away into poverty. Health insurance in India does not seem to be doing its job. As it is, India has one of the highest out-of-pocket expenditures in the world, around 65% and Covid-19 has only amplified and deepened this issue. Continue reading “Covid-19 and health insurance”

Violence Against Doctors In India

We have heard of several incidents of relatives or friends of patients beating up doctors and frequent protests by doctors demanding better security measures. This leads to disruption of healthcare for patients, who the perpetrators sought to help, as well as growing resentment and mistrust between doctors and the public. Why is this occurring? Is it because doctors in India are incompetent, indifferent or corrupt? Or is it the result of the broken healthcare system in our country? Continue reading “Violence Against Doctors In India”