About Me

Hey! I am Mahima Prasad, doctor, UPSC aspirant and dog enthusiast.  For those of you wondering what UPSC is, its another one of those competitive exams people slog away their youth over :p

I am a Bangalorean, living in the south of it and completely in love with its greenery, its very pleasant weather, the lack of tech parks and fancy pubs, and its rather aged people ( I sound weird to even myself lol)

My strong fortes are definitely not arts or sports but I do have some experience with college-level theatre. Being well-read happens to be one of my better qualities (;D) and this is what I plan to put forward and develop on this blog.

Through this blog I want to share facts and views about things happening in the world around us and stimulate the readers mind to think in an informed and rational manner. I intend to write on diverse topics with a holistic approach and I hope its an interesting read!

Contact me at mahimap2312@gmail.com

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